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ACertified Orthotist is engaged in providing the orthotic care you need. Orthotic treatment plans includes Assessment, design the most suitable and medically required Orthosis/brace, fitting and working with you for the possibility of necessary adjustments, follow up visits and documentation as required by law. The Certified Orthotists are bound by codes of conduct regulated by Orthotics prosthetics Canada (OPC) and Ministry of health and Long Term care.

Our Specialities

Foot orthotics

Custom made foot orthotics are medical devices required for correcting the lower leg alignment and/or providing the comfort in standing, walking. There are various casting procedures. Depending on the need of your medical condition, we will use the most appropriate material for optimum function.


Commonly called as AFO. AFO has different deigns such as Flexible, Rigid, Articulated, complex. Most commonly AFO is used to control drop foot and facilitate near-normal walking. The design depends on the medical presentation of the affected body part and the other factors like compliance etc.

Knee- Ankle- Foot Orthosis

(KAFO) is the full leg brace requires to control the knee and ankle range of motion. There are different types of mechanical knee joints used in conjunction with the thermoplastic shells.

Knee Orthosis

Custom made knee orthosis are used for unloading the knee joint. The braces are often used in Osteo-Arthtitis of knee and any ligament deficiencies.

Spinal Bracing

TLSO or LSO is fabricated based on the spinal cast and the required correction. It could be applied in the conditions like complex spinal fractures or Scoliosis.

Wrist-hand orthosis

For realigning the wrist –hand position, the WHO or WHFO are fitted. It’s a custom made brace. The mechanical wrist joint can be incorporated for the gradual correction.

Over the Counter Braces/ Splints :

Ankle Braces : We carry stock of over-the-counter ankle braces for various reasons like ligament injuries, ankle sprain, fractures etc. We can also have access to multiple brands so can order one for you as per your measurements and size.

Back supports : we offer a variety of back braces for back pain.

Wrist supports : We have different designs of wrist hand braces to offer.

Elbow supports : most commonly used in Golfers elbow, Tennis Elbow.

Walker boots and Diabetic off-loading devices : Most effective treatment in diabetic wound is off-loading devices. We can modify the ready to use walker boot/ diabetic shoe.

Compression Stocking : For Varicose veins, knee high and thigh high socks are custom measured.